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a tale of love, loss, and more loss.'s Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in a tale of love, loss, and more loss.'s LiveJournal:

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Monday, November 17th, 2003
10:38 am
this journal is, for all intents and purposes, defunct.

i'm not deleting it, coz it's got some damn good shit in it, but i don't plan on posting in it anytime soon.

i'm still out here in lj-land, so if you want me, i shouldn't be too hard to find.

thanks for the good times, guys ♥

also: yeah, you can defriend this one.
also: if someone new turns up on your friendsof list, it may well be me.
also: if in a couple months i'm positive that i'm done with this journal, i'm going to defriend everyone so you won't have that pesky dead-journal-friendof thing that i know drives me bonkers.

Current Mood: okay
Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
9:49 pm
fidgetgoblinfly is home ♥
Kitty: Kitty is still <3ing. Mun felt the need to reassert her presence.
Theresa: Yeah. Theresa's still there too. All about the not impeding on KittynPiotr time. So. Hi, Bucket. What's up?
Blink: (( [bucket] Not much. Just sitting here, full of watery goodness thats not being used. How are you, Theresa? ))
Theresa: (( [theresa] tired. and um. yeah, just mostly tired. ))
Theresa: (( [theresa] as is evidenced by the fact that i'm talking to a bucket. ))
Kitty: (( [bucket] *highly offended* ))
Theresa: (( [theresa] sorry. great. now i'm apologizing to a bucket. ))

Current Mood: amused
Monday, November 3rd, 2003
9:35 pm
--okay, but seriously. how do you give birth to an entirely conceptual baby?
8:18 pm
so, apparently lj decided to let us buy bonus icons while i was ATCOLLEGEOMG.
this weekend i...
  • went to indiana.
  • went, in fact, on my first college visit.
  • went on a college visit to a college where you can major in horses.
  • went to a bonfire, and had s'mores. mmm, s'mores.
  • went to a meeting of the club that doesn't call themselves "the socialist club" anymore because it scared people off, but was protesting the FTAA.
  • hung out with a very nice politics major named jay and his very nice peace&global studies friend whose name [sophie? sadie?] i suddenly cannot remember, much to my irritation.
  • had couscous! and lentils!
  • went to a latin class. and sat next to a girl from palatine o_O;
  • went to a "gender and war" class, and did not discuss the virginia woolf book i have not read.
  • finished the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay aka THEBESTBOOKI'VEEVERREADOMG.
  • finished the third series of unfortunate events book.
  • bought a copy of franz leiber's you are alone.
  • missed y'all.

    this weekend i did not...
  • punch the shit out of that annoying fuck rachel, even though she really deserved it.
  • do my homework. oops.

    Current Mood: accomplished
  • Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
    12:25 pm
    meanwhile, back at the ranch,
    *no, seriously. goes to indiana*
    11:26 am
    *goes to indiana*
    1:17 am
    see above.

    also, coherent!alice is harder to play.


    tomorrow... indiana. eep.

    Current Mood: exhausted
    Saturday, November 1st, 2003
    10:58 pm
    the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay
    hardcover edition, pg 254Collapse )

    Current Mood: shocked
    8:57 pm
    *makes faces*
    hi~! from recurrence's house. she's downstairs, and i feel lonely. *clings to livejournal, as liz is not here to cling to*

    has anyone been to richmond? what's it like? i'm apparently staying with people when i visit earlham x__O; and they're putting daddy in a hotel. wtf.

    in other news, i will get liz's little sister an lj if it's the last thing i do. BWAHAHA. ^__^; she's, liek, a cute little freshman hobbit fancier. we'll like her, yep.

    OH YAY LIZ IS BACK *parties*

    <3333 y'all *goes*
    5:30 pm
    ... *idiot*
    so, er. i seem to have left my phone list at home >__>; again.

    d'know how much time i'll have for making phone calls, but just in case: everyone who wants me to know it, since i may have lost the damn list for good, leave their number here. or email it to me. or sommat. by tomorrow morning. yes.

    *going to indiana tomorrow, whee!*

    Current Mood: tired
    11:07 am
    dear computer,
    today is totally not the day to decide that loading images is for losers.


    in other news, i forgot to bring a photo id to the SATs today >_____x; will be taking them in december.
    however, i did inexplicably know my way around deerfield highschool. i blame this on pryde_k.

    on the plus side, i made mcee's october quotelist, and i had a caramel apple cider from starbucks.

    on the downside, nano starts today *CRIES*

    Current Mood: irritated
    7:04 am
    mmm, hallowe'en.

    further details later. going to take the SATs.

    Current Mood: rushed
    Friday, October 31st, 2003
    8:35 am
    brandon dermer is dressed up as batman. his girlfriend is rainbow brite.

    he didn't have time this morning, but during second period [which he has free], gabe is ditching his pirate costume and changing into the purple vinyl pants to be bowie.

    i fucking love hallowe'en.

    Current Mood: amused
    Thursday, October 30th, 2003
    11:10 pm
    not only do i have a tophat, i have an umbrella.

    Current Mood: *0wnz*
    3:03 pm
    so, hey kids.
    this isn't going to be a very internetty week for jori. i'm busy as all hell tonight; i probably won't get home until... eightish? nineish?

    tomorrow's hallowe'en, and i have a party that starts, like, half an hour after school and goes till god-knows-when. so.

    saturday i have the SATs [ew! ew! ew! *grimace*], and sunday afternoon i leave for indiana, to go visit earlham and possibly fidgetgoblinfly *crosses fingers* on my FIRST-EVER college visit. i should be home lateish monday.

    so. yes. not much jori this weekend >_> am sorry, all. sure you'll suffer greatly without me <3

    y'all know my cell, i think, if you absolutely cannot live without a jori!fix. yep.

    *goes to do homework. is, after all, in study hall*

    Current Mood: excited
    8:46 am
    i want you all to know that i spent all of webdesign today working on alice's layout, rather than finishing the project that was due today.

    *GLARES AT kokochan*
    Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
    3:26 pm
    *is jori*
    chelle: hey there stranger.
    me: what's a fine-lookin' woman like you doin' in a place like this?
    chelle: lookin' for a little fun. ready for a good time?
    me: always, ma'am. always.
    chelle: w007. *gives you a good time. or... something*
    me: *has a good time! score*

    eta; note to self, don't forget to ask jessi who 0wnz her.

    Current Mood: amused
    8:31 am
    huckadickabrr! you have to read this! "My dear sir," before taking a swig, "a redhead is not a lady. She may look like one, feel like one, sound like one but she acts like a hound out of Hell the next morning and that – is not a lady. That is a hellhound, you see."

    i am very busy right now not doing my webdesign work, because i wasn't online AT ALL yesterday, and thus i have lots of important fanfiction to read.

    for the curious: yesterday i had to take the PSAEs, which stands for... prairie state achievement exam. or something. i forget. suffice to say that i finished the last test, which they gave us an hour to do, in twenty-three minutes >_>; but as easy as they were [and boy were they easy] the whole day was EXHAUSTING, so i came home and took a nap.

    until 5.50 this morning.

    i had a really weird dream, too, which i may post about later o__O; suffice to say, it told us what we've all really wanted to know about charles xavier, all this time: briefs.


    so in other news. am reading the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay. this book is, in a word, SO FUCKING GOOD I CAN'T STAND IT. seriously. it's just... ddsoflf;kdklf. i'm in love. thank you SO MUCH to everyone who rec'd this to me; IT'S FANTASTIC. seriously. just. <33333333

    also, note to self.

    right then.


    Current Mood: sleepy
    Monday, October 27th, 2003
    4:47 pm
    okay so like in my head on the bus ride home i was composing this whole entry about how i have no friends i can hang with after school or on the weekends and for the most part that's still true but right now i don't care.

    i got a package from gutterglitter13 and tatteredvelvet containing a cd and the most amusing note evarCollapse )

    and now daddy's coming over to take me to hot topic so i can buy the bits i need of my death costume! i hope i'll be able to find a smiley-face pin ^^ which is such an inane, omnipresent sort of thing i know i won't be able to find one anywhere, but watch me cope. *copes*

    this is a really pretty colour.

    if you see me online, remind me that i HAVE TO DO MY GOVERNMENT HOMEWORKOMG.

    i might have to go change into something gothier. every time i go into hot topic i feel like they think i'm one of those preppy dorks who come in trying to look cool. as i'm buying my hallowe'en costume, this feeling is doubly-true. *succumbs to peer pressure*

    Current Mood: hyper
    3:19 pm
    *does government homework, seriously*
    "On December 1, 1814, Jackson entered New Orleans to strengthen its defenses and pull together a truly unique American Army. Regular U.S. troops, volunteer militia from Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, and the Mississippi Territory, free blacks, Indians, and even a band of pirates comprised Jackson’s force." emphasis mine.

    dude. i just. *in love over here*


    Current Mood: happy
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