this journal is, for all intents and purposes, defunct.

i'm not deleting it, coz it's got some damn good shit in it, but i don't plan on posting in it anytime soon.

i'm still out here in lj-land, so if you want me, i shouldn't be too hard to find.

thanks for the good times, guys ♥

also: yeah, you can defriend this one.
also: if someone new turns up on your friendsof list, it may well be me.
also: if in a couple months i'm positive that i'm done with this journal, i'm going to defriend everyone so you won't have that pesky dead-journal-friendof thing that i know drives me bonkers.
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fidgetgoblinfly is home ♥

Kitty: Kitty is still <3ing. Mun felt the need to reassert her presence.
Theresa: Yeah. Theresa's still there too. All about the not impeding on KittynPiotr time. So. Hi, Bucket. What's up?
Blink: (( [bucket] Not much. Just sitting here, full of watery goodness thats not being used. How are you, Theresa? ))
Theresa: (( [theresa] tired. and um. yeah, just mostly tired. ))
Theresa: (( [theresa] as is evidenced by the fact that i'm talking to a bucket. ))
Kitty: (( [bucket] *highly offended* ))
Theresa: (( [theresa] sorry. great. now i'm apologizing to a bucket. ))
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so, apparently lj decided to let us buy bonus icons while i was ATCOLLEGEOMG.

this weekend i...
  • went to indiana.
  • went, in fact, on my first college visit.
  • went on a college visit to a college where you can major in horses.
  • went to a bonfire, and had s'mores. mmm, s'mores.
  • went to a meeting of the club that doesn't call themselves "the socialist club" anymore because it scared people off, but was protesting the FTAA.
  • hung out with a very nice politics major named jay and his very nice peace&global studies friend whose name [sophie? sadie?] i suddenly cannot remember, much to my irritation.
  • had couscous! and lentils!
  • went to a latin class. and sat next to a girl from palatine o_O;
  • went to a "gender and war" class, and did not discuss the virginia woolf book i have not read.
  • finished the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay aka THEBESTBOOKI'VEEVERREADOMG.
  • finished the third series of unfortunate events book.
  • bought a copy of franz leiber's you are alone.
  • missed y'all.

    this weekend i did not...
  • punch the shit out of that annoying fuck rachel, even though she really deserved it.
  • do my homework. oops.
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      that interview after an attempt to tip the scales.

    *makes faces*

    hi~! from recurrence's house. she's downstairs, and i feel lonely. *clings to livejournal, as liz is not here to cling to*

    has anyone been to richmond? what's it like? i'm apparently staying with people when i visit earlham x__O; and they're putting daddy in a hotel. wtf.

    in other news, i will get liz's little sister an lj if it's the last thing i do. BWAHAHA. ^__^; she's, liek, a cute little freshman hobbit fancier. we'll like her, yep.

    OH YAY LIZ IS BACK *parties*

    <3333 y'all *goes*

    ... *idiot*

    so, er. i seem to have left my phone list at home >__>; again.

    d'know how much time i'll have for making phone calls, but just in case: everyone who wants me to know it, since i may have lost the damn list for good, leave their number here. or email it to me. or sommat. by tomorrow morning. yes.

    *going to indiana tomorrow, whee!*
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